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Canadian immigration laws cover a wide range of areas, including temporary visits, study opportunities, employment, the pursuit of permanent residency or citizenship, and the appeal of negative immigration decisions.

Securing the services of a licensed immigration lawyer in Newmarket, recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada, is crucial due to their comprehensive knowledge of Canada's complex immigration system.

Outlined below are the services that an immigration lawyer can provide.

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Begin your immigration journey with a visit to our website, a comprehensive resource for information on moving to Canada. Should you have any questions about the immigration services you require, do not hesitate to contact us directly for swift support. We also invite you to arrange a personalized consultation in our office at your convenience, where you can meet one-on-one with a member of our esteemed legal team, including Sutton Law or another distinguished immigration attorney.

At your consultation, anticipate a detailed discussion as our immigration lawyer assesses your case, explains the legal steps involved, and outlines the expected costs. Opting for our assistance guarantees comprehensive support in preparing, filing, and overseeing your immigration applications, along with legal representation as needed.

Sutton Law is dedicated to upholding exemplary professional standards in all our endeavors, ensuring our efforts are of the highest quality to enhance your chances of a favorable immigration outcome. Whether you're starting a new permanent residency application or seeking counsel for an upcoming hearing, our team is here to provide the support you need.

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We Can Help You To Immigrate
To Canada

Canada provides diverse entry routes, each designed for different purposes. For those planning short-term visits, applying for a visitor visa, study permit, or work permit might be appropriate based on individual needs. Individuals aiming for long-term settlement in Canada as landed immigrants are required to undergo the process of applying for permanent residency, which can be complex and lengthy. Seeking the expertise of an immigration lawyer can greatly enhance the chances of a positive outcome.

Every year, Canada extends a warm welcome to over 300,000 people from around the world, granting them permanent residency. These individuals gain access to a range of rights and benefits similar to those of Canadian citizens, including free healthcare, free public primary and secondary education, and reduced fees for higher education, with the exception of voting rights and eligibility for a Canadian passport.

To become a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident needs to have lived in Canada for at least 1,095 days over any five-year period, meeting the residency requirements.

Sutton Law is on hand to offer support, whether you're initiating your permanent residency application or facing challenges with your citizenship application. Our vast experience in these areas positions us to provide you with the necessary advice and legal representation to effectively navigate the intricacies of Canada's immigration system.

Immigration Services

Explore Your Canadian Journey:
Visa, Work, Study, and Residency Options


Visiting Canada

Securing a temporary visa is crucial for those planning to visit Canada, whether for business or leisure. Applicants must choose the visa type that aligns with their visit's purpose, enabling legal entry for either family visits or business endeavors. Importantly, individuals from certain countries might be exempt from the need for a temporary resident visa. Similarly, spouses or dependents of temporary residents from certain countries may require a temporary resident visa but are not allowed to work in Canada under this visa. An immigration lawyer can help simplify the process of obtaining the necessary immigration documents for your journey. Foreign nationals who need to travel to and from Canada multiple times should apply for a temporary resident visa. Business visitors are allowed to partake in international business activities, such as attending meetings or performing contractual services without a work permit, provided they declare the purpose of their visit upon entry. Meanwhile, travelers from countries that are visa-exempt must have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which is valid for five years, except for American citizens, who do not require an eTA.

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Working in Canada

Individuals from abroad looking to work in Canada are required to secure a work permit, available as either open, allowing work for any employer, or employer-specific, tied to a job offer from an authorized Canadian employer. Additionally, spouses of foreign nationals working in Canada might be eligible for a spousal work permit. For foreign workers, Canada provides initiatives such as the International Mobility Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.


Permanent Residency in Canada

Skilled professionals have the opportunity to secure permanent residency in Canada via the Express Entry program, which evaluates and selects candidates deemed most likely to thrive in Canada using a points-based system. Alternatively, for those who may not meet the requirements for Express Entry, pursuing permanent residency through investment offers another route, with the investor program designed to stimulate business investments within Canada.

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Studying in Canada

Canada is renowned for its excellent educational system and rich cultural diversity. Graduates of Canadian educational institutions can obtain post-study work permits, allowing them to acquire valuable work experience in Canada, which can serve as a pathway towards applying for permanent residency.


Federal Court and Immigration Appeal

Immigration attorneys can provide support in challenging adverse visa rulings by taking the case to the Immigration and Refugee Board or Federal Court. The duration of the appeal process can differ, depending on the specifics of the case and the geographical location of the immigration office involved.

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Immigration Lawyer - Newmarket

Sutton Law, now serving Newmarket, Ontario, is dedicated to supporting individuals with their immigration requirements. Newmarket, nestled close to Toronto and offering a vibrant multicultural community, emerges as an appealing destination for immigrants and businesses. If you're in need of guidance with residency, work permits, citizenship, or other immigration issues, reach out to Sutton Law for expert assistance.

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