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In Canada, immigration law spans a broad spectrum, covering areas such as visiting, studying, or working in the country, pursuing permanent residency or citizenship, and contesting unfavorable immigration decisions.

It is crucial to enlist the services of a certified immigration lawyer in Toronto, accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada, who possesses a profound understanding of the intricate immigration system.

Below, you will discover the range of services that an immigration lawyer can provide.

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Your journey begins on our website, a comprehensive resource for information on immigrating to Canada. If you're unsure about the specific immigration services you need, don't hesitate to contact us directly for immediate assistance. We also invite you to schedule a consultation at our office, tailored to your convenience, where you can meet one-on-one with Sutton Law or another leading immigration lawyer from our team.

During your consultation, expect to answer a series of questions as our immigration lawyer evaluates your situation, outlines legal procedures, and discusses associated costs. Opting for our services means we'll assist you in preparing, submitting, and managing your immigration applications, providing legal representation as needed.

At Sutton Law, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism in every case we handle, ensuring our work is of the utmost quality to increase the chances of a successful immigration outcome for our clients. Whether you're initiating a new application for permanent residency or seeking advice for a hearing, our law office is ready to support you.

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To Canada

Canada offers various pathways for entry, tailored to different needs. For temporary stays, individuals may apply for a visitor visa, study permit, or work permit, depending on their specific circumstances. Those seeking to settle in Canada as permanent residents will need to undergo the permanent residency application process, which can be complex and time-consuming. Engaging the services of an immigration lawyer can greatly enhance the chances of a favorable decision.

Every year, Canada welcomes over 300,000 individuals from around the world as permanent residents. These individuals enjoy many of the rights and benefits afforded to Canadian citizens, such as access to free healthcare, complimentary elementary and secondary education, and subsidized tertiary education fees. However, permanent residents are not eligible to vote or obtain a Canadian passport.

To qualify for Canadian citizenship, a permanent resident must have resided in Canada for at least 1,095 days within any five-year period, meeting the residency requirement.

At Sutton Law, we're here to assist whether you're preparing your initial application for permanent residence or facing obstacles in your citizenship application. With our extensive experience in handling such matters, we're prepared to offer the advice and legal representation needed to navigate Canada's immigration laws successfully.

Immigration Services

Explore Your Canadian Journey:
Visa, Work, Study, and Residency Options


Visiting Canada

Acquiring a temporary visa is imperative for visiting Canada, regardless of your purpose—whether for business or tourism. Depending on your intentions, you can apply for the relevant visa type to legally enter the country for family visits or business activities. It's worth noting that citizens of certain countries may be exempt from the temporary resident visa requirement. However, spouses or dependents of temporary residents from specific nations might still need a temporary resident visa, which does not permit employment in Canada. Consulting an immigration lawyer can streamline the process of obtaining the appropriate immigration documents for your travel needs. Foreign nationals requiring multiple entries or exits from Canada must secure a temporary resident visa. Business visitors can engage in international business activities without a work permit by declaring their visit's purpose upon entry, such as attending meetings or providing contractual services. Travelers from visa-exempt countries must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), valid for five years, except for American citizens who are exempt from the eTA requirement.

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Working in Canada

Foreign nationals wishing to work in Canada must obtain a work permit, which may be either open or employer-specific. Employment arrangements must be made in advance with an authorized Canadian employer. Additionally, spouses of employed foreign nationals may be eligible for a spousal work permit. Canada also provides programs like the International Mobility Program and Temporary Foreign Worker Program to facilitate employment for foreign workers.


Permanent Residency in Canada

Highly skilled workers can achieve permanent residency through the Express Entry program, which evaluates candidates' potential success in Canada using a points system. Alternatively, for individuals ineligible for Express Entry, investment presents another pathway to permanent residency, with the investor program incentivizing business investments in Canada.

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Studying in Canada

Canada provides top-tier education and a rich cultural experience. Graduates from Canadian institutions qualify for post-study work permits, enabling them to acquire valuable Canadian work experience, a crucial step towards obtaining permanent residency.


Federal Court and Immigration Appeal

Immigration lawyers can aid in appealing adverse visa decisions through the Immigration and Refugee Board or Federal Court. The timelines for appeals fluctuate depending on the case and the immigration office's location.

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Immigration Lawyer - Toronto

For immigration assistance in Toronto, Ontario, rely on Sutton Law. Located in Toronto, a multicultural city, we provide services to individuals and companies on immigration matters. If you need assistance with your residence permit, work permit, citizenship or other immigration matters, contact Sutton Law today.

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