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             There are 4 main types of Adoption: Relative Adoption, Private Adoption, Public Adoption and International Adoption. Each family has a different case, and it is important to be aware of all pros and cons this matter can have for your case. 

            With SUTTON LAW, you will be guided through the adoption process. You can rely on our experienced and skilled Ontario adoption lawyers for assistance in achieving your adoption goals. To learn more about how we can help you, please call our firm for a free consultation.  

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Official Information

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What is Adoption?

            Adoption is a very kind and selfless decision many individuals choose to pursue, each for their reasons. It is also a complex process, and the legal paperwork must be handled carefully, by experienced adoption lawyers. 

              Family law is complicated, and our skilled Ontario family and adoption lawyers at SUTTON LAW are always available to ensure that the clients comprehend each step of the process, and assure an unproblematic adoption. 


 Relative  Adoption 

          Applicants for adoption who are related to them by blood or marriage, or who are adopting their partner's child, must apply to the court.

           A relative adoption must conform to the legal requirements outlined in the Adoption Act. To complete this type of adoption, it's wise to seek legal advice from a professional family lawyer near you.

          When making decisions about a child's future, the court will keep their welfare in mind. A social worker will interview children over the age of seven privately. By doing this, you can ensure they understand what adoption is and what they think of potential placements for their children.


Private Adoption

            Compared to public adoption, private adoption is similar for a number of reasons. In general, public agencies have higher standards for their custody and placement decisions.

             In a private adoption, individuals tend to wait a shorter period to get the child and have more control of the adoption process than in public adoption. Private adoption differs from public adoption in that the couple may choose the child and are usually not responsible for finding the birth mother.

            The agency in this case determines which child they choose, however some provinces leave that privilege to the parents.


Public Adoption

           Public adoptions are those where children in the permanent care of children’s aid societies are legally adopted. Children’s aid societies are mandated to make all reasonable efforts to pursue an enduring relationship through adoption, legal custody, and customary care.

           There are seven specific steps that will take you into the adoption process, and Sutton Law is willing to help you through all of them, explaining everything step-by-step to ensure your full comprehension.

            If you satisfy certain criteria and follow through with all the necessary steps, the children’s aid societies will then take steps with a court to finalize the adoption in an Ontario court, after which this is legally recognized as the adoptive family.

             At Sutton Law,  our family lawyers always do our best to make sure that the adoption procedure goes over smoothly for you, and you can start your family with the smallest amount of problems possible.


International Adoption

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