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 Express Entry Immigration System

Explaining the Express Entry System. All the information you need in one place. 

Start-Up Visa Program

          The Start-up Visa program is for dedicated to innovative and creative entrepreneurs willing to come to Canada. Most of the time, it is favourable that you get support on your idea from another Canadian Business before moving here. 

          One of the things the government considers is how your business's potential: whether or not it can create more employment in the Canadian job market, and how the business will look on a global scale.  

            As such, this program is an amazing opportunity for many of those who wish to have an innovative and creative idea they wish to establish in Canada. In total, it tales about 12-16 months. 

            To be able to qualify for this program, you must be accepted according to a set of criteria established by the federal government. 

                            1) Have a qualifying business

           But what does it mean, " to have a qualifying business"? There are certain conditions which the government has established, according to which your business will be evaluated. 

                    - Each applicant possesses 10% or more of the voting rights connected to all outstanding shares of the corporation at the time you receive a commitment from a specified organization (up to 5 people can apply as owners). At that time, applicants and the designated organization collectively held more than 50% of the total voting rights connected to all outstanding shares of the corporation.

                     When you are granted permanent residence, you must manage this company rom within Canadian soil, and it must be a fully Canadian corporation; the majority of it's economic activities must be within Canada.

                            2) Get a Letter of Support from a designated organization

           In order to be able to qualify for a Start-Up Visa, entrepreneurs must seek out a business to be able to support them and become investors. You therefore must contact a company, one of the approved companies provided on the government website to support your business, expressing their support. 

             Many companies have their own procedures and qualifications, which you must check off before they decide to support you. You therefore must contact them directly, inquire as to how to get them to support you, and pitch your idea. Some companies require you to submit a full business plan, while others may require of you to present your idea to them live.  

              Once you get the company on board, they will send you a letter of support to attach to your application, and send a commitment certificate to the government. They will then use both to analyze your application and decide whether or not you qualify for this program. 

                          3) Language Proficiency

           Many immigration programs in Canada have certain requirements regarding the language proficiency test. Candidates must get at least a 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark in reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

                          4Funds to Settle

              If you are a candidate for the Start-Up Visa program, be aware that the government of Canada does not provide financial support for this type of program. You should be prepared, and have the funds necessary, to support you and all those dependent on you coming to Canada. 

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Self Employed Program

Canada has a program for self employed individuals ( individuals who work for themselves). To be eligible for this program, you must satisfy the following criteria: 

             - Have relevant experience

Since the Canadian government has a relatively broad definition of "self-employment," most candidates should be able to find a means to prove that they meet this requirement. Owning and maintaining your own business, being a professional, being a skilled tradesperson, or participating in cultural events are a few examples of frequent methods to demonstrate eligibility.

             - Have the ability  and desire to continue your self-employment work in Canada

             - Meet the program selection and medical criteria. 

                                   - level of education

                                   - amount of experience

                                   - current age

                                   - language abilities 

                                   - adaptability

                                   - medical exam

                                  - police report

      All applicants are required to present thorough business plans that outline how they intend to establish themselves as independent contractors in Canada. 

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