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Family Sponsorship

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What is Family Sponsorship ?

A family member can move to Canada and be sponsored through this method. The sponsor is in charge of providing the sponsored individual with financial assistance and seeing to it that they successfully assimilate into Canadian culture.

A wonderful opportunity to reunite with family members and support them in establishing new lives in a hospitable nation is to sponsor your family's immigration to Canada. 

Who can and cannot be a sponsor?

            Only individuals who are 18 years of age or older and Canadian citizens or permanent residents may sponsor family class members who seek to come to Canada. If the sponsor is already residing abroad, they must demonstrate that they will relocate to Canada after the sponsored person is granted permanent residency.

          The sponsor and the sponsored individual must both sign a contract stating that both are aware of their responsibilities and obligations. The person who is sponsoring a family member must also sign a contract promising to support the family member for a predetermined period of time by paying for their housing, fuel, food, utilities, personal needs, dental and vision care, and any other medical care not covered by their public health card.

                  You cannot be a sponsor if any of the following applies to you: 

        - You previously sponsored someone else, and it hasn't been three years since they became a permanent resident;
        - You got social assistance for a reason unrelated to disability;
        - You have unpaid obligations, loans for immigration, performance bonds, or family support;
        - You were found guilty of certain crimes and haven't received a pardon or rehabilitation.
        - You were once sponsored as a spouse and have only been a lawful permanent resident of Canada for less than 5 years;
        - Despite your prior application for sponsorship, no decision has been made.
        - There is a removal order against you;
        - You are being held in a correctional facility (jail, prison, etc.);

Family Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship for Spouses: 

 This sponsorship applies to married couples, same-sex marriages, common law spouses, and conjugal partners. 

Grandparent and Parental Sponsorship: 

It is possible for Canadian citizens or permanent immigrants to sponsor their parents or grandparents for immigration to Canada.

Grandparent and Parental Super Visa

With a super visa that may be valid for up to 10 years, parents and grandparents also have the option of travelling to Canada without difficulty for up to 2 years at a time.

Dependent Child or Other sponsorship

In order for their dependent children to live with them in Canada, Canadian citizens or permanent residents must sponsor the children. Adopted kids and other orphaned family members are included in this. In extraordinary cases, sponsors may choose to support additional family members.

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Family Sponsorship Process

         The Family Sponsorship program is a two-step process. 

       1. The sponsor must submit their application for sponsorship;

             The sponsor must submit this application, which entails determining if the sponsor qualifies under the family class. To become a sponsor, the sponsor must first receive approval via a separate application.

      2. A permanent residency application must be submitted by the foreign national.

            The foreign citizen the sponsor desires to sponsor for immigration to Canada as a permanent residence must start this application. For the foreign national to be eligible for permanent residency through the family class program, they must first fulfill a number of conditions under the family class program.

           The cost of sponsoring your family's immigration to Canada may be high. There are several costs involved with the procedure, and they may mount up rapidly. There are processing costs for both the sponsor and the sponsored individual in addition to the $550 application fee for sponsorship. Additionally, the sponsor is responsible for paying the sponsored relative(s)' living expenses during their first year in Canada. This covers the price of necessities including food, clothes, shelter, and other items.

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Have Any Questions? Looking for Guidance?

Loyally helping clients in GTA and Ottawa areas, including Markham, Brampton, Missisauga, Georgina, Toronto, Oshawa

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