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Canadian Citizenship

Explaining Canadian Citizenship. All the information you need in one place. 

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Requirements for Canadian Citizenship

To be qualified to submit a citizenship application, you must:

        -Have Canadian permanent residency

        -Have spent at least three years in Canada (or one year if you are married to or in a common-law relationship with a Canadian citizen)

        -Have a working knowledge of either French or English

        -Meet the character and residency standards

        - Pass the citizenship test

        - Have filed your taxes

Applying for Citizenship

          To apply for citizenship, you must do the following:

        -Fill out the application form

        -Pay the application cost, which is now $100 for adults

   -Provide supporting documentation, such as documentation of your physical presence in Canada and proof of your permanent residency.

Citizenship test

To prove your understanding of Canada, you must pass a test if you are applying for citizenship. Questions about Canadian history, geography, culture, and government are part of the test. Before being invited to a citizenship ceremony and becoming a Canadian citizen, you must pass this test.
    After passing the citizenship exam, you will get an invitation to the swearing-in ceremony. You will take the Citizenship Oath during this event, and you'll also get your citizenship certificate.

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