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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers

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Employmnet lawyer in Toronto and Ottawa Area.

What is wrongful Dismissal in Ontario and How our lawyers can help

When it comes to your job, knowing your rights is essential. In Ontario, employers have the legal right to let employees go for various reasons. However, there are specific rules in place to ensure fairness. Let's dive into the topic of wrongful dismissal and what it means for both employers and employees.


What Is Wrongful Dismissal?

Wrongful dismissal doesn't mean that the reason for termination was necessarily wrong or illegal. It refers to situations where an employer lets an employee go without giving them proper notice or adequate severance pay.

The Process of Wrongful Dismissal

If you've been terminated without receiving the appropriate notice or severance pay, you might have a wrongful dismissal claim. This can also arise from a situation where changes to your employment terms force you to leave involuntarily.

Calculating Fair Severance and Termination Pay

Determining the right severance or termination pay involves considering various factors like your salary, age, years of service, benefits, bonuses, and other payments you received while employed.

Championing Your Rights with Sutton Law

At Sutton Law, we specialize in helping navigate wrongful dismissal cases. If you're let go from your job, remember not to rush into signing any documents or exit papers. This could prevent you from making a wrongful dismissal claim and seeking the full severance you're entitled to.

Here is a sample: You've worked as a driver for two years, making about $600 a week without a written contract. Unfortunately, your employment is terminated. While the law mandates two weeks' pay (around $1200), the common law might entitle you to at least two months' pay. In these uncertain times due to COVID-19, you could even ask for an additional one to three months. Altogether, this could mean around 22 weeks of payment, which is $13,200—a significant difference from the minimum.

Empower Yourself Today

Empower yourself by understanding your rights with the help of Sutton Law. Whether you're an employer ensuring compliance or an employee facing unfair termination, we're here to guide you through the world of wrongful dismissal. Contact us today to start protecting your rights and securing what you're entitled to.

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